Some other Social, Cultural and Religious Activities:

Students' Workshop:


Every year, a thirty-day workshop is organized during the summer holidays with the aim of introducing various sciences to the students. Different topics related to both Hawzah and secular educations are discussed. In the years 2005 and 2006, nearly 50 students from Jamia Bi'that affiliated madrassas participated in this workshop. A few students from non-affiliated madrassas also participated.

Students' Convention:


A three-day yearly convention is organized for the students (boys and girls) from Jamia Bi'that affiliated madrassas in which various educational, sports, arts etc. competitions are held. The performance of each madrassa during the whole year is discussed and the schedule for the next year is also announced.

Women's Day:


20 th Jamadi Al-Thani, the birthday of Fatima Zahra (SA) was declared as the “Women's Day” by the late Imam Khomeini (RA). Therefore, in the year 2002, the female students at Rajoa Sadaat decided to avail this great opportunity and host this ceremony every year and strive to gradually turn it into a nationwide gathering for women.

In the first, second and third year, respectively 500, 1000, 8000 women (approx.) attended this program and by the grace of Allah, in 2006 nearly 18000 women from different parts of Pakistan traveled to Rajoa Sadaat, thus turning the program into a countrywide convention.

Some main objectives of this program are:

  • To highlight various aspects of the life of Fatima Zahra (SA).
  • To familiarize the system of “Marja'iyyat” and “Rahbariyyat” among the women.
  • To awaken educational consciousness among the women.
  • To make women recognize their actual identity and place in the society and make them self confident, hence enabling them to best perform their responsibilities.

Sports and Physical Training:


According to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei, three things are essential for the youth: education, spiritual purification and sports. Jamia Bi'that's program for the youth is founded on the same three pillars from the very beginning. Even the teachers at Jamia are encouraged to participate in sports activities. No one can deny the fact that for a student, a healthy body is equally important as a healthy mind and therefore, along with education and spiritual purification, sports and physical training has been made obligatory in all madrassas affiliated to Jamia Bi'that.

Miscellaneous Committees:

The following committees were established in order to take all possible measures for the solution of different problems of the society:
  • Prayers Committee: To urge people to participate in the congregational prayers.
  • Amr Bi Al-Ma'ruf Wa Nahi 'An Al-Munkar Committee : To strive for the eradication of social evils.
  • Employment Committee: To help and provide guidance to find jobs for the unemployed people.
  • Social Welfare Committee: To help the poor and needy of the society economically etc.
Plans for near future:
  • Establishment of Jamia Bi'that School System.
  • Establishment of Health Centers.
  • Establishment of Social Welfare Centers.

And Insha Allah…!

Jamia Bi'that Team will continue its efforts and looks forward for prayers and support of Mo'mineen for the achievement of this noble cause!

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