The Beginning of Jamia Bi'that

A glimpse of the lives of prophets and imams (SA) shows us that along with their spiritual teachings, they also taught material sciences to the people. For example:

  • Prophet Idrees (SA) initiated the sciences of city planning and map making .
  • Prophet Noah's (SA) great services in boat making .
  • Zulqarnain's barrier construction.
  • Establishment of educational centers by the Imams (SA), particularly Imam Ja'ffar Sadiq (SA) and Imam Muhammad Baqir (SA), offering sciences which fulfill the spiritual as well as materialistic requirements of human beings. Some of the eminent scholars and scientists who have benefited from these centers are Jabir Ibne Hayyan, Ibne Sina, Musa Kharzami, Mohaqqiq Toosi, and Sheikh Baha'ee.

Almost two decades ago, some scholars in the holy city of Qum who felt the intense need for such a comprehensive educational center, decided to undertake this holy task and hence, Jamia Bi'that came into existence. Under the blessings of Imame Zamana (SA) and the supervision of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, this educational system was formally launched in Madrassa Dar Al-Quran at Mari Shah Sakhira on 27 th September, 1998.


In a short period of four years, the signs of a true Islamic society which could be seen in Mari Shah Sakhira and its surrounding areas attracted the attention of a large number of educated people and almost 25 madrassas showed interest to become affiliated with this system. But due to lack of facilities and man power, only four of them could become a part of the system.

But the conditions were asking for a big step to be taken. Therefore, as a result of the insistence of local people and after mutual discussion with the related scholars in Qum , the Jamia Bi'that Team shifted to Rajoa Sadaat. Although facing a big lack of facilities, the team initially took the following steps:

•  Several colleges and universities were visited and lectures were arranged on weekly or monthly basis in order to develop and strengthen communication with the new generation.

•  Seminars were conducted on different topics in the big cities of the country.


•  In order to strengthen unity between the Muslim Ummah, friendly and brotherly ties were developed with both Sunni scholars and public through different programs at local level. They were also invited to participate in the Majalis.

•  Both religious and secular education was started for boys and girls. The boys' classes were conducted in a room at a local Dera while the girls studied in an old building. It is worth mentioning that Hujjatul Islam Sayyid Mazhar Hussein Kazmi taught the students of M.A Philosophy (boys and girls) in a room of his family house.

•  During the same time, on 14 August 2002, the foundation stone for the central building of Jamia Bi'that was laid on the land donated by a member of the Jamia Bi'that Team.


At present, construction of boys section and girls section of Jamia Bi'that is in progress at two different places.

  • The boundary walls have been completed at both places with an area of five acres each.
  • A portion of the academic block has been completed with two halls and ten rooms.
  • Construction of three houses for teachers' residence has been completed.
  • A kitchen, dinning hall, store, two shops and a security room have also been constructed.
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