Department of Research:

Presently, the following projects are being carried out:

  • Research lectures are frequently conducted for senior students.
  • Research topics are given to the related senior students in Qum and they are also provided with guidance and advice for specialization in these topics.
  • The M.Phil and Ph.D students are also being provided coaching for study and research.
  • Work on the compilation of text books will start very soon.
Department of Tarbiyyat:

Along with the moral and spiritual upbringing, all the madrassas affiliated with Jamia Bi'that chart out different programs to enrich the contemplative and creative abilities of the students and common public belonging to different classes of the society:

  • Social gatherings for worship and prayers are arranged frequently.
  • Different competitions such as speeches, quiz, essay writing, Husne Qara'at, poetry etc. are conducted.
  • Moral messages are conveyed to the common public through stage dramas and tableaus.
  • Educational and recreational trips are arranged for the students.
Department of Preaching:

Presently, the following projects are being carried out: In order to spread the Divine Message among humanity and benefit the society with the consequences of knowledge and research, preaching activities continue all the year long:

  • Conduction and participation in various seminars within the country as well as overseas.
  • Hundreds of students and scholars at Jamia Bi'that provide preaching services in the holy months of Ramadhan and Muharram under the supervision of Markaze Tablighate Islami (MTI).
  • Lectures on Islamic teachings are conducted on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • All possible modern means of communication are used for preaching purposes.
  • Special attention is paid to arrange religious lectures for the college and university students.
  • In order to prepare and train teachers and preachers, Center for Training Teachers and Preachers has been established under the combined supervision of Jamia Bi'that and MTI. All preaching activities of Jamia Bi'that are carried out through this center. Presently, 24 rooms have been constructed for this center and the classes will start in November 2006; Insha Allah!
Department of Nashr O Isha'at:

One who is well aware of the structure of a society, perceives that effective communication with the society is not possible without Nashr O Isha'at . Therefore, this department has been established in Jamia Bi'that. Efforts are being to deliver Qu'ran, Nahj Al-Balaghah, Sahifa Al-Kamilah and other important religious books at low prices.

Department of Educational Counciling:

Although the scholars at Jamia Bi'that have been providing counseling facilities for both religious and secular education but due to the increasing demand from students of colleges, universities, madrassas and different educational centers, this department will soon be formally established.

Department of Library Sciences:

A library with about 10,000 books has been established initially which will be equipped with modern facilities to meet the requirements for education and research.

Department of Computer Sciences:

The use of computer has become an essential part of today's life. Therefore, students at Jamia Bi'that are made familiar to computer through basic courses at the very beginning. Efforts are being made to boost the usage of Islamic software for education and research purposes.

Department for Revival and Propagation of Islamic Culture:

The evil powers have constantly tried to hinder the promulgation of the divine Islamic culture and have always been planning to spread satanic culture in the world. In the twentieth century, their attack was so potent and organized that unfortunately, it penetrated the Islamic society.

Efforts are being made to establish a formal institution which will strive to counter the effects of this cultural invasion as much as possible, and to revive and promulgate the divine Islamic culture.

Initially, the following steps have been taken in this regard:

  • Establishment of Islamic Cable Network.
  • Establishment of Islamic Cultural Centers.
  • Establishment of Makatib for religious and educational guidance of children.
  • Establishment of Qur'an centers in mosques.
  • Cooperation for establishment of Maktaba Muhammadia (for easy availability of Islamic books).
Qom Department:

The Hawzah at Qum is recognized as one of the most significant centers for Islamic studies. A team of scholars related to Jamia Bi'that is continuing studies at Qum . These scholars undertake different research and educational projects e.g. :

  • Arrangement of seminars and lectures on different topics.
  • Establishment of societies for research on various topics.
  • Arrangement of education and research conferences for ladies.
  • Introduction of Jamia Bi'that to different educational, research institutions etc. in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Affiliated Madrassas:

More than 700 students (boys and girls) are studying at Jamia Bi'that and its affliated madrassas.

  Boys' Madrassas:
  1. Madrassa Kazmia (Rajoa Saddat)
  2. Madrassa Dar Al-Tahfiz (Rajoa Sadaat)
  3. Madrassa Dar Al-Qur'an (Mari Shah Sakhira)
  4. Madrassa Shams Al-Uloom (Qaim Bharwana)
  5. Madrassa Madinah Al-‘Ilm (Mahal Kushak)
  6. Madrassa Jamia Al-Hasnain (Jhamra Sharif)
Girls' Madrassas:
  1. Madrassa Ahl Al-Bayt (SA) (Rajoa Sadaat)
  2. Madrassa Dar Al-Tahfiz Bint Al-Huda (Rajoa Sadaat)
  3. Madrassa Umme Laila (Khushab)
  4. Madrassa Umme Rabab (Kot Shakir)
  5. Madrassa Thani Al-Zahra (Mari Shah Sakhira)
  6. Jamia Al-Zahra (Uch Sharif)
  7. Madrassa Zubaida Khatoon (Qaim Bharwana)
For Children:
  1. Bab Al-Qur'an, Tiflane Muslim (Rajoa Sadaat)
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