Educational System:

The prime objective of the Jamia as mentioned above, is to launch a genuine and comprehensive educational system; which is not just mere learning of a few terms or getting degrees, but it intends to enhance the natural abilities of a person and to promulgate and protect human values in the society through its members.

Jamia Bi'that offers both religious and secular education and therefore, in its vast meaning, it is both a “Hawzah” as well as a “University”. The students who have passed their intermediate exams and are at a level equivalent to “Al-Lum'ah” shall be made able to achieve the level of “Ijtihaad” and get a doctorate degree in a period of ten years.

Initially, six faculties are working in the Jamia. This number will increase in due course.
  • Linguistics (Urdu, Arabic, English, Persian)
  • Rational Sciences (Logic, Philosophy, Theology)
  • Qur'an and Hadith
  • Fiqh and Usool Al-Fiqh
  • Human Sciences (History, Geography, Civics, Anthropology etc.)
  • Religions (Jewism, Christianity, Zartosht, Sabi'iyyat, Buddhism, Hinduism etc.) and Sects (Zaidiyyah, Ismailiyyah, Hanafiyyah, Malikiyyah, Shafi'iyyah, Hanbaliyyah, Ahle Hadith etc.)
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